Organic and Paid Facebook Marketing

Facebook Advertising

Facebook Marketing

There a couple ways you can reach some of the 2.41 billion Facebook monthly users:

  • Through Organic Reach
  • Paid Advertising.

According to Facebook’s statistics, there were 1.59 billion daily active users on Facebook on average for June 2019. Can you still ignore this? We think not!

Whether you decide to use organic reach or use paid advertising, there are some challenges you must face first.

When it comes to organic reach, the statistics aren’t very encouraging. Some put organic reach between 6-7% at best, and this is if you take every step to optimize your page and have regular activity.

Paid advertising on the other hand, presents its own challenges. In order for your ads to reach your targeted audience, you must take the time to learn to setup your campaigns.

  • Organic Reach refers to free advertising, and we will show you different ways you can use Facebook tools for achieving this. Among these tools are business pages, Facebook groups, etc.
  • Paid Advertising is also available, however this is only for business Pages, and Facebook offers some of the most competitive prices out there when compared to Google Ads and Yelp Advertising.

Although it’s time consuming, you must learn to optimize your organic reach and your paid campaigns, and here are some recommendations.

Increase Organic Reach in 6 Easy Steps:

We recommend following these steps in this order, however you can skip a step if you have already taken care of it.

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  1. Start by creating a FREE Facebook Business Page
    • NOTE: Before you get started, do a Facebook search of your business name, and if there’s an unclaimed page in existence, claim it following these instructions: How to claim an unmanaged Facebook page.
  2. Optimize your Facebook business page.
  3. Verify your Facebook business page.
  4. Get regularly involved on your Facebook business page.
  5. Join Facebook groups and even create one for your business!
  6. Fix issues with your page or brand, like merging Page duplicates, removing restrictions, etc.

After you have taken the first steps for reaching out to potential new customers through organic reach, you need to consider Facebook’s paid advertising.

Facebook Paid Advertising

Optimized Facebook Paid Advertising:

As we mentioned it earlier, Facebook’s Pages have an organic reach of only 6-7%, so even if you follow our step-by-step and optimize your Page for organic reach, you will still only reach a small percentage.

Learning how to use and optimize Facebook paid advertising is the next step for reaching more customers through the platform.

  • NOTE: Facebook can run paid ads on any of their platforms, which are Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, however if you’re learning to use paid advertising, you should focus on Facebook.

Start advertising on Facebook by setting up your account and optimizing your campaigns in 3 steps:

  1. Create and setup an Ads Manager account.
  2. Create, setup and make use of Facebook’s pixel.
  3. Create campaigns, audiences and ads.