Get regularly involved on your Facebook Business Page

Activity on your Facebook Business PageGet your fans involved with your Facebook Page

Running a business is time consuming, and being a solopreneur can make this even more difficult. However you must realize that marketing is something you must do if you are to succeed. Here are a few pros and cons, as well as 3 suggestions as to what you can do to have better organic reach. These suggestions are Posts, Events and Invites.


  1. Denotes that you’re still in business.
  2. Activity may be visible on follower’s timelines.
  3. You can display some of these activities on your website.


  1. It takes time to get into the habit of doing it.
  2. It requires that you pay more attention to your Page.

There are many ways you can get your Facebook fans involved, and the more you do it, the more visibility you will get. This is organic reach, and this is how you can take advantage.


There’s no doubt that posts are on the top of activities you must perform to have higher visibility, and reach more Facebook users. Fortunately, Facebook has provided you with some features that can save you time and make it easier to reach more and more potential customers. Some of these features are:

  • Scheduled Posts: You can schedule post that you can write before the store opens and you get crazy busy, at the end of the day, or even way ahead of time for repetitive dates such Mother’s Day, Memorial Weekend, Independence Day, etc. It’s easy! Facebook scheduled posts
    1. Go to your Facebook Page.
    2. Click on Write a post….
    3. Write what you’d like to communicate on your post.
    4. Click on Share Now to see more options.
    5. Click on Schedule.
    6. Select the date and time when you want your publication to post (You can stop News Feed distribution by selecting an ending  date).
    7. Click on Schedule.


If you’re the type of person that loves getting involved with the community and you regularly host events, or you’re in the business of promoting events such as concerts, then this great feature will help you save time! Just follow these instructions and free up some time to do some of the things you like:

  • Scheduled Events: You can plan ahead and save yourself some time. Yearly events can be schedule way ahead of time.Facebook scheduled events
    1. Go to your Facebook.
    2. Click on any of the Events buttons or links (There’s a Create option on the upper right corner of the page that you can now use too).
    3. Provide all the necessary information for your event.
    4. Click on the arrow (▼) next to Publish to see more options.
    5. Click on Schedule.
    6. Select date and time when you want your Event to be published.
    7. Click on Schedule.


  • Share and Show Interest on Events: Invite loyal fans to show interest in your public events, or ask them to share it with their friends and family. You’ll be surprised how easily people share or mark themselves as interested in your events.share facebook events


There are different ways you can invite people to get involved with your business, and here we list some:

  • Invite Friends & Family to like your page.invite friends and family to like page
    1. Go to your Business Page.
    2. Under Community, click on the Invite Friends button.
    3. Select everyone who you want to invite. Preferably select everyone. Note: Only a few will actually like it.
    4. Click on Send Invites.


  • Invite strangers to like your page. These are people that has interacted with any of your Business Page posts (e.g. They commented, they liked it, etc), although they still don’t like the page.invite strangers to like page
    1. Go to any recent post that shows reactions (like, love, etc) or have comments.
    2. Click on Invite. This person will receive a notification with the invitation, and this invitation comes from your page!


  • Promote check-ins on printed material. Stickers on your tables, flyers on your bathrooms, etc.

If you have any questions or would like to watch a video, visit our Youtube Channel!