How to add Domain to Hosting Account

How to add Domain to Hosting AccountAdd Domain to Hosting Plan

One of the advantages of learning to use cPanel is that you can use many of its features, and one of them is that you can add more than one domains and a large number of subdomains.

Keep in mind that every domain addition will increase your memory usage, so check first to make sure you have the necessary RAM to avoid any issues.

Keep in mind that your cPanel may look different. The reason for that is because each hosting provider adds and removes features as they see fit. Overall, they all will look similar if kept up-to-date.

Do the following to add an additional domain:

  1. Log in into cPanel by visiting
  2. Enter username and password
  3. Click on Addon Domains
  4. Only enter the portion of your domain name
  5. The subdomain may automatically be generated. You can ignore this
  6. Generally you want to use either www or pubic_html as the Document Root
  7. Click on Add Domain

Video Tutorial

Adding a subdomain is a little different, but in general it’s an easy process. You can learn How to add Subdomain to Hosting Account too.