How to claim an unmanaged Facebook Page

Unclaimed Facebook PageClaim existing Facebook Business Page

Claiming rather than creating a Facebook Page is a bit more difficult, however if you happen to find an unofficial Page for your business, you should start the claiming process. Most Page activities such as reviews, check-ins, likes, and many others will stay intact.


  1. Accelerates the process.
  2. Prevents user confusion by not creating Page duplicates.
  3. Existing unofficial Pages may already have accumulated likes, reviews, etc.


  • None!


  1. That this is an unofficial Page for your business.
  2. That the page be unclaimed or unmanaged by someone else.
  3. That you have immediate access to the listed phone number, or have documents such as a utility bills that you can upload immediately.

Step by Step:

  1. Click Is this your business? below the Page’s cover photo.
  2. Be ready to either answer an automated phone call that will provide you with a code that you will have to type, or to upload pictures of utility bills.
  3. Follow the final on-screen instructions. This process is quick, however the approval process can take from a few minutes to a couple days.

If there was in fact an existing and unclaimed page for your business, be glad it was available for you to claim. It’d be a bigger issue if there was an existing page created by a former employee, a greedy agency, or the previous owner.