How to create a Facebook Business Page in 2019

create facebook pageYour Facebook Business Page

No system is perfect, and although Facebook business pages are free, there are some up and down sides, as well as some basic requirements before you proceed.


  1. Facebook Pages are 100% FREE!
  2. Unlimited number of followers.
  3. You can do paid advertising.
  4. Re-targeting and reaching to new audiences (aka look-alike audience) with paid advertising.
  5. Page statistics.
  6. Multiple users.


  1. Low organic rankings.
  2. Time consuming.


  1. You must have a personal Facebook account.
    • NOTE: Everything you or any administrator posts in your Facebook Business Page will be published under your brand.

Step by Step:

How to create a Facebook Business Page in 2019

  1. Visit
  2. Select either Business or Brand or Community or Public Figure (Our example uses Business or Brand).
    • NOTE: If you provide local services or have a local office, you want to choose the Business or Brand option, however if you sell online products or are looking into becoming an online community, select Community or Public Figure.
  3. Enter your Page Name.
  4. Select a Category. Full list here.
    • NOTE: This is a very important step, since selecting the wrong category may affect how you appear on Facebook searches. You can also look up local competitors and use one or up to 3 categories after you finish creating your page.
  5. Enter your business Address.
    • NOTE: You can hide it if you provide service directly to customer’s homes or businesses. If you select Community or Public Figure you’ll skip this step completely.
  6. Enter your business Phone Number (Optional).
  7. Click on Continue.
  8. Upload a profile image and a cover picture. Here are Facebook’s guidelines.

This is a simple and straight forward process, and it shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to setup a page, however we don’t recommend you stop here, there’s much more you can do to optimize your page, and get better organic rankings. Our next step is to Optimize Your Facebook Business Page for maximum results.