How to verify your Facebook Business Page

Facebook gray verification badge

Add an “Official” badge to your Page

Adding a gray verification badge to your Facebook Page will dramatically increase its visibility, specially if duplicates of your page exist. What this gray verification badge does is to let people know that the Page has been verified by Facebook and it genuinely represents the business it portraits.


  1. Higher visibility and organic reach.
  2. If there are duplicates of your Page, adding the Official badge will outrank any other existing Pages.
  3. Request to verify are usually approved in minutes.


  1. You MUST meet requirements for approval.
  2. The badge maybe removed is sufficient users report it.


  1. You must have a profile picture and a cover photo.
  2. You must have created posts.
  3. The page must also be published.
  4. You must have access the business phone line or utility documents.

Step by Step:

  1. Go to your Business Page,
  2. Click on the Settings tab. It’s on the upper right corner.
  3. Under the General tab, you should see your Page Verification status. Note that if your Page doesn’t meet the requirements or was recently created, it may not qualify.
  4. If your Page hasn’t been verified, click on Edit.
  5. Click on Verify this Page.
  6. Enter your Business Phone Number, and click on Call Me Now.
  7. If your phone is not within reach, or the call verification fails, take a picture of a recent utility bill and click on Verify this Page with documents instead to upload. The utility bill MUST show business name and address.

Once you finish this process, it may take anywhere between a few minutes to a few days before you get a response from Facebook. If your verification request is denied, your Page either didn’t meet requirements (maybe there are no public posts), the address and name on the utility bill didn’t match with the Business Page, or there might be other reasons. You will get response from a real person, and you can start the process once again or ask for more info.