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I guess we should start with this: We don’t guarantee that you will make money right away or at all.

What types of income are there in the wild? Experts classify 3.

  1. Active or Earned Income
  2. Passive Income
  3. Portfolio Income

I personally use all three, and you should too!

Active or Earned Income is the type of income most people earn through a paycheck. It involves exchanging time for money.

Passive Income is the the type of income that is generated whether you work or not.

Portfolio Income is the type of income made through capital gains, usually by stock traders.

For our purpose we will only teach you how to generate Active and Passive Income.

Here are some of your options to start making money in as little as a few days!

Local SEO

If you can’t wait to try this out, then you must learn to help new or even recently created businesses create a strong online presence. This service is known as Local Search Engine Optimization and the process is simple.


If you have a hobby or a skill that other people may need, you should try putting that knowledge to work by becoming a freelancer. There are many options out there, but our favorite is Fiverr as we use it all the time!


There are over 2.4 billion Facebook monthly users, and many local businesses are too busy or inexperienced to reach out to them. By learning how Facebook works, you can become a social media marketing expert in your area!

Printed Media

Are you creative and posses very basic knowledge of image editing software? Then designing printed media for local companies is a great way of earning extra money while you expand your knowledge on passive income!


One of the most powerful passive income generating tools, affiliate programs are generally easy to signup for and to implement if you have a blog or a website such as ours. Although a little more technical, they are worth it.