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The following links are a mix of both free tools, useful resources and affiliate links. They are both from services we’ve used and tested, and from other platforms that have provided us with useful information and tools. They are highly recommended, however we don’t offer any guarantees. Use at your own discretion.

These service providers have made it possible for us to build a sustainable business without having to invest thousands of dollars! You can provide the following services just like we did:

  1. Website Design and Development
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Local SEO
  4. Email Marketing
  5. Cloud Apps

A2 Hosting

A2Hosting for website hosting


Recommended Resources

Starting and running a successful digital marketing agency means keeping your new and existing customers happy, and having a secure, fast and reliable hosting plan can help you accomplish that.
We’ll be honest; at first we decided to go for the cheapest hosting company, however we realized that in order to grow and provide better services, we needed to invest in better services, and here is where A2Hosting came in.
We highly recommend you start up with a high performance plan that won’t break the bank, and we highly recommend you purchase a Managed VPS Hosting paln from them. Start with Power+ and upgrade as you grow your digital marketing services.
The top reasons we recommend them are the following:

  1. Fast Servers
  2. Cloudflare CDN Integration
  3. Free SSL from Let’s Encrypt
  4. WebHost Manager
  5. Domain Privacy
  6. Much More

You can go directly to their website at or by clicking on our affiliate link.

Envato Market


So what’s the next step after purchasing a great hosting plan? Putting it to use!
The Envato Market offers the biggest and best collection of WordPress themes & Plugins, HTML templates, PHP scripts, PSD templates, and much more!! You can create a free account and browse around, save your favorite into a collection, and more.
One of the best features is that you get answers from developers themselves, plus you get free updates whenever available.
A website is comprised of many elements, and that requires different set of skills, however the Envato Market has made it easier for us to skip design and development by providing us ready-to-use templates and themes, as well as logos in PSD and AI formats, images, music files and more.
In short you can purchase the following elements:

  1. WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop Themes
  2. WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop Plugins
  3. HTML Templates
  4. PHP Scripts
  5. PSD Files
  6. Stock Images
  7. Sound Files
  8. Video Productions
  9. Third Party Developers!

Create your FREE account today!


Recommended Resources

Growing a business is no easy task, and in today’s employment market, finding the right and affordable help is very challenging. We highly suggest you look into outsourcing some of those challenging tasks to someone that has skills, and won’t charge you an arm and a leg. We outsource many of our projects, as well as hire freelancers to take on some responsibilities.

If you only need a website for your already established business, once you’ve purchased hosting, a theme/template from our recommended sources, you can hire someone from to install it and customize it for you! has been an amazing place for finding skilled freelancers, at an affordable price.

You can hire someone to help you do the following:

  1. Design You Website
  2. Fix Website Issues
  3. Create a Promo Video
  4. Design a Logo
  5. Design a Menu
  6. Include You in Major Online Directories
  7. Do Search Engine Optimization
  8. Plus much more!

Google G-Suite

Recommended Resources

Ok so far you’ve been able to purchase reliable hosting, purchased a beautiful theme or template for your website, and hire someone to install and customize it for you.
What’s next?
It’s to work with the best, by using Google G-Suite services! By using their services, you will get the most reliable platform and company there is. Put your website to better use by getting a business email account, using Google’s cloud services to provide you with APIs, plus much more.

WordPress Website Builder

wordpress website builder

If you’d like to try building your own website before making any of the purchases we recommend, no big deal! Head over to and create your free account! Once you register, you can install WordPress,and then download some of the free themes and plugins available on their store!

There are some awesome things you can accomplish with these free tools, however note that there might be some limitations, and if you want a high performing and beautiful looking website, you will have to invest.

Like we said, take it for a spin and decide if this is the best option for you. Or keep on reading to see other options.

Wix Website Builder

wix site builder

Does technology make you nervous? Not to worry, is here to help you!

Creating a beautiful website involves either you learning new skills or finding the right person for the job. We’ve recommended several resources, however if digital marketing isn’t your thing, either hire someone from or create your own website yourself!

In all honestly, we’ve encountered many people that have tried and failed to build the website of their dreams, however Wix currently offers web development service from third parties, so go ahead and try them.


leadpages account

If you’re looking for a temporary page for Facebook or Google campaigns that you’re running, you can also create a lead generation page from Leadpages. is a great place for finding a temporary or permanent solution, and they offer a free trial so you can look under the hood. You can create a page to drive traffic, capture leads and to send out newsletters.