Website Development

website designingWhat you don’t know

I remember when I first wanted to learn how to build a website. Oh boy! After looking at the source code for what would be my first project, I thought I’d never learn to code! However I found myself with two options; Hire a pricey web developer, or learn to make minor changes to my original project myself.

Since I was on a budget and I had plenty of time, I decide to learn on my own.

The first thing I wish I knew back then is that you don’t have to learn to build an entire website from scratch; You can purchase one or even find free ones online! I’d say that most of us, web developers out there, purchase premium themes and templates that we can then customize. At least that’s what I do.

Why? Savings for everyone!

The second thing I wish I knew when I was getting started is that you’re not alone, and there’s plenty of free help online.

If you don’t know where to turn, these are my recommendations:

  1. YouTube is a great place for video tutorials.
  2. a place for finding useful information and how-tos.
  3. is an amazing place for asking help from expert developers.
  4. If you purchased a premium theme or template from, the developer you purchased it from will be available to provide you with basic support.
  5. You can also hire a developer to help you.

Like I said, you don’t have to do everything on your own!

If you are looking for something quick and easy that doesn’t involve setting these things up, you can use a website or landing page builder.

Choosing the best website platform

Here we suggest a few methods you can use to create a great website:

  1. Create one using HTML with a cheap $19 HTML template or a free builder.
  2. Create one using a CMS platform such as WordPress or Joomla.
  3. Use a website builder service such as Wix or Leadpages.

No matter how you decide to build your website, our goal is to provide you the necessary tools, resources and knowledge to accomplish that.

You must ask yourself the following questions in order to choose the platform for creating your website for your business:

  • Do you need to own the source code that make up the website? If the answer is yes, then raw HTML or a CMS are the best options.
  • Do you need full access to the backend. E.g. cPanel, root folder access, etc.? Raw HTML or a CMS are still the best options.
  • Is this for e-commerce? CMS or Wix is the way to go.
  • How much time can you spend updating it? If not much, Wix or Leadpages. If you have plenty of time, HTML or CMS.
  • How much flexibility do you need? If you need unlimited, raw HTML and CMS are the two options.

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you choose the right way of building your website from the beginning.

Services you need to get started

Next, you must to learn to setup the services that will enable you to make your website available to anyone with an internet connection.

Although I promote third party services as a good option, the best way to go about building a website is to learn to do it yourself, this way you can understand the systems and the processes better. For that reason, the services I recommend you buy are:

  1. Hosting: I start with hosting because this services may include a free domain, however when I decided to start, I purchased this service and had an extra domain that I didn’t know how to use.
  2. Domain: If your hosting doesn’t include a free domain, then go ahead and buy one.
  3. SSL: If you purchase GoDaddy hosting, you usually have to purchase the SSL separately, and it’d be a mistake not to use one. SSL will boost search engine rankings, and build trust among your visitors.
  4. Email: You can look more professional by branding your business email. Instead of using free services such as gmail, yahoo, etc, try using your sparkling new domain to setup a business email account. Most hosting plans include this service with cPanel.

A high performance VPS hosting plan from will provide you ALL services you need to get started, and we highly recommend it.

Create your first website!

Once you understand that you’re not alone in this journey, and that there are many great platform options for building a website, you can then choose where to begin!

  1. Learn to Create a HTML Website.
  2. Learn to Create a WordPress website.
  3. Learn to use a website builder service.